Chas Martin has inspired innovative communication for numerous organizations including U.S. Bank, SAS Institute, Mentor Graphics, Intel, Tektronix, InFocus, EthicsPoint, Snap Names, Sprint, The Natural Step Network, U.S. Marine Corps Center for Business Excellence, Cutter Laboratories and many others. He has also assisted multiple startups and small businesses in defining their potential, expanding their options and achieving their goals.

As an art director, creative director and communications strategist, Martin’s career path integrates marketing communications with online education, classroom, and entertainment. These paths converge to create a unique foundation for innovative leadership.

Dave Underhill is a master at helping speakers engage audiences and deliver compelling messages with confidence. Whether working with a novice presenter, a CEO, CPA or Nobel Prize winner, Dave's passion is helping them turn their ideas into action.

Dave is the founder of Underhill Training and Development. For 30 years, he has coached execs and sales teams at Microsoft, Intel, NIKE, FEI, U.S. Bank, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, CFA Institute, Northwest Education Association and The Nature Conservancy.  He also works with Oregon Entrepreneur’s Network (OEN), Portland Seed Fund and Oregon T.I.E. to coach entrepreneurs on their investor presentations.

Underhill and Martin have collaborated on numerous presentation-based projects since 2012.

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Are you trying to persuade an audience to buy into your program, product or service? Passionate explanations are great, but passion with visual examples is even better.

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Martin and Underhill help leaders,  innovators and visionaries convert ideas into memorable and compelling communications. The development stage is where our experience and objectivity on messaging and visual approach make a real difference.

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