Comments: Clients and Workshop Participants

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Chas Martin for a number of years.  Most recently he was instrumental to our building a comprehensive suite of sales presentation materials that established a common “voice” and brand for over 20 businesses selling into the corporate banking space.  It’s a layered approach, where messaging becomes more sophisticated and targeted as it evolves from initial fact sharing conversations to finalist presentations delivered to senior decision makers.  Chas helped us tailor our materials to best support informed conversations that effectively engage the audience and lead to successful outcomes.”
   Tim Somers
   Bank Executive

"You really did a great job giving the necessary tools to create new ways of thinking about solutions. It's no easy feat to translate all the information you garnered and sifted from all the divergent paths you've explored. I found the course to be enlightened, practical, constructive and exciting. This course should be mandatory for all company executives to take part. I mean it."
   Marty Geller
   Broadcast Graphic Artist - NBC/Universal

"Chas is an original thinker and a practical hands-on leader. He knows how to apply fresh business perspectives to solve thorny business challenges and he knows how to inspire the people around him to perform at their highest possible levels. He enjoys thinking outside the box and discovering innovative solutions for difficult problems."
    Michael A. Barlow
    Business Author, Managing Partner -
Cumulus Partners

“Chas is an expert at getting you to look at situations from different angles. In today's competitive environment where a "me too" mentality is the kiss of death, Chas helps explore new avenues and open new doors.”
   Dave Kresta
   Sr. Product Manager, Emerging Technology -    Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance

"Chas brings insight borne of deep experience coupled with great communication skills. He is an outstanding writer, designer and creative director. He took on a very challenging project for us in both scope and time to market, and with limited direction delivered a complete portfolio of material on time, on budget and most importantly, on message. I look forward to working together again."
    Kerry Kelly
   VP Product Marketing, SnapNames, Inc.

"This guy lives outside the box! Chas is never satisfied with predictable answers. His solutions are expansive. He thinks way beyond the task at hand and engages everyone’s imagination to go where NO ONE would have imagined possible. His brain is all over the place and he challenges everyone around him to think at his level. A simple conversation can result in a paradigm shift. Be careful what you ask for!"
    Carol Woolman
    Marketing Programs Manager - Mentor Graphics

"Chas possesses a desire to learn, willingness to challenge existing approaches, an eye for what could be rather than what currently exists. He is comfortable expressing ideas and thrives off the creative energies of others. I believe Chas is a great trainer who inspires creativity in his associates."
    Michael Penwell
    Applications Developer - SAS Institute

"Chas is a team player and optimist to the core with an amazing ability to turn adversity into opportunity. He approaches efforts with an eye to long term strategy and is able to find and optimize opportunities where others are likely to overlook them. Chas works consistently at 123% with a passion and skill for communicating complex ideas in a way that cuts through the white noise in a given market to reach a targeted audience with impact."
   Holly Brunk
   Membership and Services Director - The Natural Step Network

“As a business partner, Chas is singular - a brilliant brainstormer, a genuine contributor, a guy who does what he says he is going to do. Chas' client list is veritable who's who list of companies committed to excellence. Forward thinking organizations choose Chas because he challenges the organization and the individual to think, to act, and to succeed. With Chas - you will innovate, you will improve, you will create. He simply won't accept less.”
   Chris DiFonzo
   COO & VP of Marketing, Innoflo, Inc.

“If you are looking for a Creative Director to bring your project to the next level then Chas is your guy. Not only is he able to lead the creative direction of an interactive project but he can also take an active role in the implementation! Chas has the ability to conceptualize a complex project and then bring it to market in a cohesive and timely manner -- he will not disappoint or blow your budget.”
  Michele Van Tilborg
  Director, SnapNames and Moniker Aftermarket

“Chas is the most creative, energy-generating person I've ever worked with. His breadth of experience in marketing and communications is impressive, and he is both a terrific team member and a bold individual thinker, a rare combination. He's not afraid to take on the big, sticky problems, and is skilled at finding the opportunity within each challenge.”
   April Knudsen
   Air Traffic Controller - The Natural Step Network

Current and Past Clients

U.S. Bank
Mentor Graphics
Underhill Training & Development
    Design Medix
    RVK Financial
Leadership Transitions, LLC.
The Natural Step Network
SAS Institute

U.S. Marine Corps Center for Business Excellence
U.S.D.A Forest Service - Columbia Gorge National Scenic Area
Advanced Planning and Navigation
Annenberg Foundation
Saturday Academy
Signature Software
Amicus Group
Cenquest, Inc.
Cutter Laboratories
     Biological Division
     Medical Division
General Mills