Value Development and Value Communication.

Marketing is filled with overused buzz words and vague phrases that don’t communicate anything meaningful. Marketing itself means different things to different people. Brand is another term which for some means a logo, font and color swatches.  
Brand equals value. If someone values your company,

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Conversations are the most successful presentations.

Clear goals are essential. A structured slide-by-slide plan moves your audience from interest to action. Each slide is a step closer toward your intended goal.
Everything you include in your presentation builds or erodes your credibility. If you’re not building credibility at each step, you are losing their attention and confidence.
You're an expert in your field. We're experts in communication. We can help.

The least obvious fact about presentations.

When presenting information, most people focus on themselves, their product, service, or ideas. It's what we're most comfortable talking about.

But, it's not about you. It's about what you can offer your audience. You won't know that until you connect with them.

When they're included, it becomes a conversation. They reveal what interests them most. And, you speak to that specifically. That delivers value for the time they have invested. A successful listener earns the opportunity to move the conversation to the next level.

Images are a powerful tool for getting that conversation started.

To sell the Invisible, you have to make it visible to your audience.

In your mind's eye, it's very clear. You can see all the complexities and nuances in detail. You know how it looks, how it feels, and how it works. They don't.

Unless you can make it visible, tangible and give your audience a sense of reality, they won't understand what you're talking about. People don't buy what they can't understand. And few have the attention span to figure it out if they don't see immediate value in what you're selling.

But, if you can bring it to life and make it real, they might even sell themselves. That's the challenge with selling something they've never seen or considred possible. To make it real for them, it has to look and act like the real thing. Make it move. Change colors. Demonstrate how it works. Highlight the real unique aspects that make it indispensable.

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